Media Coverage

This page links to some of the news reports about the project.


Stanford Alumni Magazine (summer 2001) article.

On Wisconsin:  For UW-Madison Alumni and Friends (summer 2001) magazine article.

Oberlin College and the University of Michigan announce innovative collaboration, and site study. (June, 2001).

ASM News (April, 2001).  Journal of the American Society for Microbiology.

Spotlight on Career Services, Recruitment, and HR/Staffing. Newsletter of NACE:  National Association of Colleges and Employers (April 2, 2001).

Women in Higher Education newsletter (March, 2001).

Ecological Society of America NewSource (Winter, 2001), Guest Editorial on PhD production in ecology.

Daily Northwestern (February 8, 2001), student newspaper of Northwestern University, article featuring Northwester's Preparing Future Faculty Program.

Education Commission of the States e-connection on-line newsletter (February 7, 2001).

The Scientist (February 5, 2001) article. 

Nature (January 25, 2001) article. 

Chronicle of Higher Education (January 26, 2001) article.

Dallas Morning News (January 22, 2001) article, also linked to Education Week's "Daily News" roundup for January 22nd.

Science magazine (January 19, 2001) article, reprinted in the on-line Science: Next Wave .

USA Today (January 17, 2001) article on navigation finding.

Wisconsin Week (January 17, 2001), the newspaper of record for the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The Wall St. Journal (January 16, 2001) column.

The Chronicle of Higher Education  (January 16, 2001) daily news.

USA Today (January 16, 2001) article on career finding.


April 28th, 2000 article in "The Chronicle of Higher Education" print edition.

April 17th, 2000 article in "The Chronicle of Higher Education" daily news.


Notify me when the report is released.  The report has been released.  This link is no longer active.


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